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Nicole Roberson was born in an East Baltimore Project to a single mother of three. She grew up in neighborhoods plagued with violence, poor housing and drug abuse. Most people born into this type of environment seldomly meet a high level of Success. She accredits her success to being guided by a mother with an iron will and some amazing mentors that She has met along the way. 


Nicole received her education in Baltimore City/County schools and attended Morgan State University. However, she thinks that her “true” education comes from operating multi million dollar assets throughout her twenty year career in property management. In her career she has been responsible for marketing, brand management, budgeting, building strong teams, creating and implementing business strategies all while maintaining solid client relationships.

Nicole has turned her time and talent toward helping minority businesses achieve success. Small budgets and or lack of guidance on how to start, brand, manage and maintain a successful business has left many small businesses unable to compete and stay in business in a highly competitive market. Nicole aims to lessen this gap by offering services in these areas at affordable rates. 

Nicole currently resides in Howard County with her four sons. 

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